A chemical Powerflush is a method of restoring heating performance to an old heating system, by connecting a high performance reservoir pump into the heating circuit and pumping a number of chemicals at high velocity around the system to break down any lime scale & sludge deposits (Magnetite). Then pumping the deposits out of the system to a drain, until the system water runs relatively clear. Then a chemical inhibitor is added to the system to help prevent the build-up of sludge deposits in the future.


Although a Powerflush is the best way to restore and clean a system we cannot guarantee to completely clear all deposits from all systems and on certain occasions the improvement in a systems performance is limited. On occasion a second flushing of the system can improve this further, which we can carry out at a discounted rate. On even more rare occasions, blockages can be so severe in certain sections of pipe work that these sections of pipe work may need cutting out and replacing, if this is necessary an extra charge will be made to the customer and a new appointment will be required. In addition, it is possible in some systems for clumps of debris that won’t break down to move.


The powerflushing doesn’t cause leaks but it can uncover leaks that have been sealed up by the sludge or lime scale inside the system, which is removed during the power flushing process. Unfortunately there is no way of telling if leaks are going to occur although it is extremely rare for this to occur.


“Simon Barker Plumbing & Heating ” cannot be held responsible for any damage to decorations or furnishings including carpets, or leaks from fittings, existing pipework, cylinders or tanks caused while carrying out the Powerflush. Therefore any leaks or damage caused are not covered under our guarantee (However this may be covered under your home insurance). Whilst the chance of a leak occurring during Powerflushing is rare, leaks generally occur while we are on site so we can deal with them straight away.